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Testing Tools

The role of IT departments intensifies as businesses now rely more on cutting-edge technology. Managed Testing Services provide the test organization, processes, high quality QA services, testing directors and qualified testing engineers to resolve major testing-related problems and achieve best results. We support you by managing, staffing and providing a comprehensive suite of quality testing services.

Diagonal Software Pvt. Ltd., provides test design and test execution services for all your applications, projects, or portfolios. We have the ability to seamlessly ramp-up and down to meet fluctuating demand, incorporating automation and best in class processes during execution.

Quality and Reliability; these words are crucial to businesses and customers. To achieve the highest levels of quality assurance, Diagonal Software Pvt. Ltd.,’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) framework brings together the strongest expertise, processes, and technology. We believe that to achieve the best results, we must help companies change the paradigm of testing from a “one-off event” to a “specific, focused, and repeatable approach” that becomes an integral part of their business assurance.

Managed Testing Service is the evolution of our TCOE offering that focuses on providing end-to-end testing capabilities using a variety of outcome based pricing options (including test case and business goal pricing). The aim is to meet aggressive time to market deadlines transparently as software lifecycles become more iterative and agile, without adding risk to business assurance imperatives.

Managed Testing Services can provide up to 40% savings based on historical testing and quality assurance spend by operationalizing the testing service across software applications projects, and programs in your enterprise landscape. These measured savings are achieved via the use of accelerators, world-class processes and templates, and the latest advances in cloud and agile lifecycles that Diagonal Software Pvt. Ltd., has successfully executed for customers around the world.